Pi Wars


On Saturday 21st of April a small team of Year 6 children from Wilbury took part in Pi Wars 4.0. Pi Wars is a challenge based robotics competition in which teams have to design, build and program a Raspberry Pi controlled robot to compete in the various challenges. The competition, which took place in the Cambridge Computing Laboratory, is open to all age groups, there were 35 teams from primary and secondary schools all around the UK with some teams even travelling from Turkey, Hong Kong and Malaysia just to take part.

Since finding out their application to take part in Pi Wars was successful in October, the children have been meeting in an after school club to plan and develop their robot. They researched the components they would need and then designed and 3D printed a prototype. Then, they undertook the challenging task of trying to program it using the text based programming language Pyhton. Along the way they have learnt a lot about resilience and perseverance! As well as the robot they had to prototype and test different attachments to help complete the different tasks.

As the competition drew near the final robot was 3D printed and the finishing touches added to as many of the seven programs as possible. Unfortunately with only a day to go, the robot’s camera broke! This meant that they were unable to enter one of the challenges as the robot could no longer see!

On the day of the competition the children and their robot performed brilliantly! They entered 6 of the challenges and, despite a few problems, they were amazed to find out that they had finished in overall 7th position! They came second in two of the challenges: Duck Shoot (knocking balls towards targets) and The Straight Line Speed Test (where they posted the fastest time of the day) and in a really exciting and tense series of battles they forged their way to the final of Pi Noon (…) and in front of a massive crowd at the end of the day they won!

Click here to see the scores from all of the teams involved.

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Below are videos of all the different events their robot took part in:







30 April, 2018