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The primary function of the Governors is to support the school in driving improvement and ensure the best possible outcomes for all the children. Being a governor is rewarding and it is a privilege. Effective school governance is achieved by knowing the school, the children, the parents, the staff and the community and understanding our roles and responsibilities.

The Governing body is made up of a committed, balanced mix of people with a variety of appropriate skills.  The body includes the Headteacher, parents, teachers, staff, Local Authority representatives and co-opted members of the wider community. With the exception of the Headteacher , all governors  are elected every four years.

The role of the governing body is to:

Within the Governing body are three committees:

Finance and Premises Committee – Chair: Leon Levy  The role of this committee is to scrutinise the finances of the school and ensure that the school complies with statutory legislation in this area. Expenditure is compared against budgets and school budgets approved for the next three years. In addition, the committee monitors health and safety issues, major expenditure projects and ongoing work carried out relating to the premises.

Curriculum and Standards Committee – Chair: Marilyn Stein  This committee is responsible for monitoring standards in teaching and learning across the school. It ensures that the curriculum is balanced and reflects current guidelines.

Staffing Committee – Chair: Patricia Hanton  This committee is responsible for ensuring staffing issues are dealt with effectively, including recruitment, appraisal, pay, staff development and capability.
It’s not just about meetings!!

Governors visit the school regularly during the school day to ensure the priorities of the school are evident and to understand more effectively, the key issues on the School Development Plan. Some of the visits carried out this year so far have been:

Governors also attend training and attend the school’s annual Governor Awayday, to ensure that they are up to date in all areas and are able to fulfil their role effectively. They need to be knowledgeable in order to challenge reports given to them and to evaluate their own impact on the outcomes of the school.

What’s been achieved:

During 2016/17 the Governors have focused on key areas of development within the school such as:

In March 2017 the school had an OFSTED inspection which confirmed that the school continued to be a ‘Good’ school. There were recommendations made which the Governors will include as part of their focus for the coming year.

For 2017/18 the main focus for Governors will be:

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Register of Business Interests

The full Governing Body and committees meet termly. Dates for the coming year are as follows:- 

Meeting of the Committees and Governing Body: 2017- 2018


Minutes of the last term’s meetings can be downloaded below:

Full Governing Body

Finance and Premises Committee

Standards and Curriculum Committee

Staffing Committee

Also, minutes from previous meetings can be downloaded below:

Spring term

Full Governing Body

Finance and Premises Committee

Standards and Curriculum Committee

Staffing Committee

To view the Governor attendance record click here

Anyone wishing to contact the Governing Body can do so at: chairofgovernors@wilbury.enfield.sch.uk