School award system

At Wilbury we are determined that our children will develop the skills and attitudes required in the world beyond the classroom so that they can face the challenges of their future lives with confidence. We believe that praise is key to developing children’s self-esteem and confidence and this is reflected in all that we do in school.

The main reward system in the school is laid out in our Behaviour Policy and consists of the children attaining badges of different colours during the year. The children collect merit stickers throughout the school day, based on their attitude towards their learning and towards those around them. For every 20 stickers they attain, a badge is presented in assembly. Children can receive several different colour badges (yellow, silver, gold, ruby, diamond) during the year, culminating with a very few children receiving the Headteacher’s Award and then the Governors’ Award, presented by one of our Governors at a special assembly at the end of the year.

First Headteacher’s Award of 2018/19