Attendance Awards

attendance awards

It is very important that children attend school everyday to make the progress in their learning which they are capable of. All the research tells us that children with high attendance figures from a very young age achieve better at GCSEs than those who have low attendance figures. A child’s attitude to learning and to school is set whilst they are young and they need to recognise how important it is to attend school every day throughout primary school. It is the responsibility of the parents and the school to teach them this.

We celebrate children’s good attendance and punctuality in our merit assemblies each week. Classes win the Attendance Bear and the Punctuality Bear if their class has the best percentages that week. Graphs to show class percentages for attendance and punctuality are displayed within the school so that children can see how their class is doing over the term. In addition, children receive individual recognition for good attendance each term with a special prize being presented. For those children who have an attendance figure of 100% for the whole year, a special trip is arranged for them to acknowledge this achievement.