Assemblies are our opportunity to get together as a community. We have separate assemblies for each department, since no hall is large enough to contain the whole school! On a few occasions during the year we have whole school assemblies outside in the playground, such as on Red Nose Day when we raise money and sing the Red Nose Day song and Gardening Day when we celebrate our natural environment and every child and adult has the chance to plant a bulb in the school grounds!

Whole department assemblies take place three times a week and include an assembly linked to our school values or another relevant topic, a music based assembly and the merit assembly (the Well Done Assembly in Early Years).

Individual classes will have opportunities for class assemblies or discussions during ‘Talk Time’.

The Merit Assembly is the assembly where we celebrate the week and all the achievements of the children. Below is a video to show the Merit Assemblies in action.


Other special assemblies take place during the year to  which parents are invited. These include Black History Month, Eid, Christmas, Easter, Passover and Harvest Assemblies.