Get involved

We really value your involvement within the school. There are many opportunities for you to come into the school either to attend special events, to read with your child, to attend training courses or to find out more about your child’s learning. If you have any questions you wish to ask, you should approach your child’s teacher or Head of Department first of all. Alternatively you can come to the office. A senior leader is usually available to speak with parents/carers both before and after school or during the school day if necessary.

We take parents views seriously and every year at the Spring term Parents’ Evening, we carry out a parent/carer questionnaire. Here are the results of the most recent questionnaire:

Parent Questionnaire Results 2019

complied from 206 responses

There is also a Suggestion Box put out at each Parents’ Evening should anyone wish to make suggestions as to how we can improve what we do.

The Government are also interested in your feedback about our school and we would be really pleased if you could complete their survey which you can find here.