In March 2017, the school was once again been judged to be a GOOD school and OFSTED clearly recognised many of the strengths of the school, which we are very proud of.

‘The leadership team know the school well and plan effectively for improvement.’

Relationships between adults and pupils, and among pupils, are very strong.’

‘It is a school that knows its community well and puts children and their families at the heart of all it does.’

The inspectors found that we had met all the recommendations from the previous inspection well, and were particularly impressed with the changes and developments in the Early Years, including the teaching and learning, the environment and the opportunities for the children to learn.

They also recognised that keeping children safe is a high priority for the school and that the systems are robust and records kept well.

‘Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school’s work and how safe and happy their children are’.

Reading has already been prioritised in the School Development Plan for 2016/18, and OFSTED acknowledged that we knew exactly what areas we needed to work on. It therefore came as no surprise when they delivered the next steps for the school. Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

* Adults support pupils to think more deeply about all the possible meanings of the text when reading

* Teachers provide more challenge for pupils who need to make rapid progress to reach the level of phonics skills required for the year 1 check

We are determined, therefore, to ensure that we support our children to become fluent, able readers as quickly as possible and that they continue to develop their reading skills as they move through the school.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and the way that you as parents and carers are involved in the school.


To read the whole OFSTED report, click here.

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The Government are also interested in your feedback about our school and we would be really pleased if you could complete their survey which you can find here.