working in the ict suite

Wilbury Primary School was judged to be a ‘Good’ school in Janaury 2013. This was the first time the school had received a ‘good’ judgement but we are keen to continue to improve in all areas.

OFSTED said that:

‘By the end of year 6, all groups of pupils have made good progress’

‘Pupils learn to read quickly as a result of the good teaching strategies.’

‘Teachers have established good relationships with their pupils and manage classroom behaviour well. They know the strengths of each child in detail and encourage them to try their hardest.’

‘The school is a calm and caring place. Teachers know their pupils well and each pupil’s welfare is given a high priority. Consequently pupils feel safe and secure.’

‘The new leadership team have high expectations and a clear vision for the school which is shared by all staff and governors.’

To read the whole OFSTED report, click here.

Click here to read the government school data dashboard.

The Government are also interested in your feedback about our school and we would be really pleased if you could complete their survey which you can find here.