Read Write Inc

Here at Wilbury we use the Read Write Inc Literacy Programme to teach reading. The aim is to enable all children to learn to read confidently and fluently from an early age. We also use it to support older children new to reading English and those who struggle with reading.

All staff have been trained together to teach and manage the programme and to teach lessons which are systematic and lively.


The children write for an hour a day, grouped according to their reading level. By using trained Teaching Assistants to lead certain groups we are able to teach in smaller groups than usual class sizes. This means that the level of reading can be tailored to suit the needs of the children effectively. The aim is that they move through the reading levels in the programme as quickly as possible and move into reading books of their own choice as soon as they are able. The learning of sounds for reading is linked closely to the writing of those sounds and this is taught alongside the phonics each day.

For further information please use click here to visit the Read Write Inc website.

Please remember that you play a very important role in your child’s reading development. Ask them what their RWI storybook is about, ask what phonic sounds they have learned that day and read books to them and with them as often as you can.

Remember to praise your child at all times!