Nurture Group

At Wilbury Primary School we have a Nurture Group called Rainbow Class.  The Nurture Group is staffed by a teacher, Angella Vollans, and a Nurture Group assistant, Pasha Turner. They work together to provide the children with a stable and nurturing environment.

What is a Nurture Group?

A Nurture Group is a small  support group for children who are experiencing difficulties in their mainstream class. There may be many reasons why young children experience difficulties.  It may be a result of going through some form of trauma, living with a disability and at times everyday events such as losing a loved one, being separated from a close member of the family or the birth of a new baby can unsettle a child. In other cases children may take longer to learn, or to talk or to develop other physical skills and this can have an impact on their ability to cope in a large class.

The Nurture Group staff  are also given advice, guidance and support by the school’s Educational Psychologist and other external agencies. The Nurture Group at Wilbury is also part of the Enfield Nurture Group Network, which is supported and monitored by the Local Authority.

How does it work?

In the Nurture Group adults and children work closely together. It is a homely setting with clear routines and boundaries. It is a place where mistakes and accidents are discussed sensitively,  and where children gain confidence and learn about themselves and their world at a pace and in a manner which suits them. Most children are keen to come to Rainbow Class and really benefit from this provision.

At Wilbury most of the children who come to the Nurture Group are in Year One although we also work with children in Reception and Year Two. There is a maximum of eight to ten children in the group and most will be supported by us for three or four terms. It is important that the children continue to be part of their mainstream class, even though they will spend a considerable amount in the Nurture Group during the week. We work alongside their mainstream class and follow the same curriculum although this is often adapted to meet the needs of the child. We work hard to ensure that the child is included so that they are able to settle easily when they are ready to return to their mainstream class full-time.

Working with us

We believe that parent involvement is key to supporting us to enable your child to reach their potential. We like to meet with parents regularly as you know your child best. You help us to understand your child and then we can work with them more effectively. We are always available to discuss your child’s achievements and challenges.  Parents often find it useful to meet with us informally before school or when school finishes.  If there is a reason that we cannot meet we will make an appointment to see you as soon as we can.

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Baking in Rainbow Class!

Our science work has involved finding out about mini-beasts and their habitats. We decided to make some Honey Cakes and decorate them with bees and flowers.


Celebrating Chinese New Year