Learning in Year 1

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Science: Our Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

On Monday the 7th of october something amazing happened! Year 1 went to Whipsnade Zoo. We saw lots of different animals like chimps, elephants, rhinos and many more. At one point Nala the tiger crept across her enclosure to say hello! We also had a workshop where we found out about different groups of Animals. The year one children were really well behaved and made Wilbury proud! By the time we got home we were all a bit tired but we’ve got tonnes of splendid memories from our trip!


To excite the children to write we did some ‘Talk for Writing’ based on ‘The Little Red Hen’. The story was told one sentence at a time with actions to associate different words. The children repeated the story and throughout the week this helped with their oracy and ability to sequence the narrative. This in turn gave them more confidence to write about ‘The little Red Hen’. Here is a video with 1H performing the story.