Learning in Year 1

Year 1

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1H have been using atlases to locate and name the seven continents and the five surrounding seas. They pretended to be the legendary Titan Atlas, holding up the heavens! Linking in their science topic, they identified continents that a selection of animals came from, discussed the climates of each place and the nature of the terrain to find out about each locality.


In Computing this term, children have been learning about algorithms and understanding why these instructions are important in computing. Using large floor maps of different locations (a fun fair, a jungle and a farm) children worked in pairs to write algorithms to travel from one place to another. The algorithms were recorded as sequences of arrows. They became computer programmers and robots!  Then, they checked the accuracy of their algorithms by swapping between pairs and debugging (finding and correcting mistakes in algorithms). One of the children said, “I liked being the robot. Even when we got it wrong it was fun doing it again to get it right.”

Place Value

During this half-term we are looking at Place Value and focusing on numbers between 11 and 20. We have been using Numicon  to make and recognise amounts. By building a number between 11 and 19 using  ten frames – as well as Numicon – the children are also learning how to partition so they understand what each amount in a two digit number represents. We have been very active in maths – discovering numbers by looking at different amounts of objects and seeing numbers in different ways. We have also been revising our bonds to ten and extending to twenty. We will also look at all the ways we can show amounts within twenty using addition and subtraction.

Animals and Ourselves

Our topic in Science this term has been ‘Animals and Ourselves’. The children have been investigating variation in the five main animal groups: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Year 1 have really been putting their key science skills to the test. They have been investigating, grouping and observing very closely. After researching each animal group (- reflecting on what they learnt at London Zoo -) they have been working in table groups to complete sorting activities. These have allowed the children to discuss what they know and have led to them discovering more information too. They have been noting the differences and similarities within the groups and finding out why it is important that animals need certain characteristics in order to maintain their survival.

Black History Month

To commemorate the memory of Martin Luther King for Black History Month, 1H went on a peaceful protest around the school. They were understanding the importance of freedom of speech and that unity can bring strength. They were cheered on by 1S as they called out for peace and equality for all. At certain intervals they would stop and Mr Hegarty would review key facts about Martin’s life to give them strength during their campaign. By using role play, the children were learning to empathise with Martin’s struggle but also celebrate in what he ultimately set out to achieve. They learnt to make a stand with reason and integrity and the echo of their voices along the corridors was very thought provoking.

London Zoo

At the beginning of October all Year 1 classes went to London Zoo as part of our Science topic. We were treated to a sensory workshop on the classification of animals . The children were able to group words to describe the properties of mammals, reptiles and birds which helped them to identify the different species. The children were also able to visit lots of the animals around the zoo. Jae-Jae the tiger was a particular favourite as we had been writing descriptive sentences about him in our literacy lessons. One of the children said, “Jae-Jae looks sleepy but he sees us as his dinner!” The children were also given the opportunity to see the giraffes, Molly and Mindy, being fed carrots as well as seeing swimming penguins splashing around in their tank. It was an extremely enjoyable day with lots to learn and share afterwards in class too.