Learning in Year 1

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Arts Fortnight

Our Arts Fortnight activities were maravillosa! Using Spain and Spanish Artists the children learnt lots of different skills and made various impressive pieces of art. We looked to Gaudi to create a painting of Casa Mila. We also combined our drawing and handwriting skills to create portraits inspired by Picasso. Our Year 1 display in the Art Exhibition was bright and bold, and showed the beauty of a Spanish sunset.

Winter Concert

Mr Taylor led the Year 1 classes in a winter concert. It was a very communal event with lots of parents in attendance. (They even joined in on a couple of songs!). Here are some memories of our spectacular event:

Science: Animals and Humans

During our trip to London Zoo we took part in a special workshop to help us understand how to classify animals by placing them into groups. Ruth and Lorraine taught us that some animals have similar characteristics, and these help us to group them. We were able to touch different pelts and hides to help us know what animals feel like, so we could describe them. We found out that hairy animals are mammals, feathers belong to birds, and that reptiles are scaly, cold-blooded and lay eggs. We used different words and read them with our adult helpers to describe the properties of each animal skin.

“We learnt so much about animals. The leopard pelt felt soft. Leopards are mammals like me.”

“I liked the Giant African Tortoise shell. It was so shiny and hard. I found out it was a reptile.”

Computing: Algorithms

In computing we have been learning that computers only follow instructions, which are called Algorithms. We have been writing and following algorithms for different dances including: The Hokey Cokey and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. We have investigated the importance of order in algorithms and found that when we change the order we create a different algorithm. Using directional language we have also written, tested and debugged algorithms for moving from one place to another.