Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Policy for Wilbury Primary School

Excellence and Enjoyment is at the core of our teaching, so that children are active participants in their learning, and assessment, and enjoy their time in school. We intend to provide a curriculum which is relevant and exciting for our children. Cross curricular work, especially involving IT, is an important aspect of teachers’ planning. Science Week Challenge, Black History Month, Arts Weeks, themed days etc are a regular part of the school year, both to ensure the curriculum is interesting and exciting, but also to update teachers’ skills and knowledge.

Wilbury is an inclusive school, and provision is made for all pupils’ learning needs, such as SEN, G&T, EAL etc., with specialised teaching groups and arrangements to support the work going on in the class.

At Wilbury we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children, including the most able, and those with Special Educational Needs. This curriculum is based on the New National Curriculum (2014) and covers the following subjects:-

Design & Technology
Art & Design
Languages (KS2)

It also includes Religious Education and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education. We also have strong international links which run throughout the curriculum.

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