Wilbury TWOs

Welcome to Wilbury TWOs! We have been offering provision for two year olds at Wilbury since September 2015, as part of the Enfield ‘Terrific Twos’ Programme. We offer morning or afternoon sessions, three hours a day, five days a week.

Wilbury TWOs is part of our Early Years Foundation Stage, which also includes Nursery and Reception, and it provides a valuable early learning experience and introduction into our school.  The children follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ curriculum, which covers children’s development and learning from birth to five years old. We concentrate mainly on the ‘prime areas’ of learning, particularly Communication and Language, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The children will be playing, learning and making friends. They will move on to the main Nursery after they turn three, and then on to reception when they are four and five. Our aim is to make this a ‘seamless’, linked Foundation Stage, with high quality learning environments and teaching across the year groups, and the same principles and ethos running through the provision, age appropriate at each stage. We plan for progression and challenge as the children move easily through the year groups.

We are really excited about this project, and feel it gives children a really good start.

For more information about Terrific Twos, and information about eligibility, click here

Please come and speak to us if you are interested and want to find out more.