Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is designed for children aged five or six, who are finding literacy difficult after their first year of school. These children are often not unable to read simple books or write their own name before the programme. They receive a short series of intensive lessons with a specially trained teacher in their own school.

Children in Reading Recovery have individual lessons for 30 minutes every day. The lesson series lasts for up to 20 weeks but is shorter for many children. The programme is different for every child, starting from what the child knows and what he/she needs to learn next. The focus of each lesson is to develop the child’s reading skills and to write a message, which the child composes with support. Each day the lesson begins with the child reading one or two familiar books so that they begin with a sense of achievement and then moves on to activities which are tailored to the individual child’s next steps. Every book that the child is given to read is carefully chosen to match their reading level.

The lesson series finishes when the child is as able to read and write without help, at the appropriate level for their age. Most children who complete Reading Recovery have gone from text Level 0 to Level 17. These children have learned four-to-five times faster than their classmates to catch up and after the intervention their progress continues in line with their peers. Children who reach this level at the end of their programme are expected to achieve a National Curriculum Level 2 at the end of Key Stage 1.

Around one in five children do not make this level of progress and are referred back to the school for long-term support or referral to outside agencies such as the Educational Psychology Service. However they have usually made considerable improvements in their reading and writing, gaining one year of reading age in six months and progressing from a Level 0 to a Level 9 text.

Reading Recovery teachers work closely with parents and invite them to watch a lesson during their child’s programme. A new book is sent home following each lesson and other activities are sent home regularly.

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