What is a Buddy?

Children in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to train to become a Buddy. Buddies work in the playgrounds and dining halls helping to make lunchtimes happy and fun for all children. Once trained, Buddies give up one lunchtime a week to carry out this work. Buddies act as positive role models and make a valuable contribution to Wilbury. The skills children learn as Buddies can provide a solid foundation for becoming responsible adults.

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How are Buddies Selected & Trained?

During the Summer Term, children in Year 4 & 5 are invited to apply to become a Buddy. They are given a job description and are asked to complete an application form. Children are then invited to an interview towards the end of the summer term. The interview panel consists of two staff members: Mrs. Campbell, Mr D’Agostino (P2B) or Mrs. Antoniou, plus two experienced buddies. If the children are successful at interview they attend two training sessions at the start of the Autumn Term. These sessions also include midday supervisors and playleaders. If they successfully complete their training, the children are presented with a Buddy badge and a certificate and are ready to start work!

A Buddy needs to:
• Be sensitive and empathetic
• Assertive but not bossy
• Keep calm when other children might be angry
• Be able to negotiate between children
• Be committed
• Be fair and not take sides
• Have good ideas!

Wilbury has almost 80 buddies across the school. Buddies wear a red badge all the time and a red cap and/or tabard when they are on duty. A Buddy is allowed to eat their lunch first and to sit at a special Buddy table in the dining hall. Hard working buddies are rewarded with an invitation to afternoon tea with the Headteacher.