Learning in Year 4

Year 4

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Tolmers Trip

The Water Cycle

4LJ have been investigating the water cycle. They re-created the water cycle, using a bowl of hot water (to represent the sea being heated by the sun) and put cling film over it. They then put ice on top (to represent cool air) and a cup in the bowl. They observed what happened and noticed there was condensation on the cling film and that this had dripped down into the cup as precipitation. To finish the topic, they played with the inflatable states of matter ball to generate quiz questions.

Model Village

As part of their History topic on the Anglo Saxons and Vikings, year 4 researched the different kingdoms and village life and made their own model village.

World Book Day

Year 4 had a great time on World Book Day, completing activities around our Literacy topic, Harry Potter. Many of the children dressed up as characters from the stories, made book marks from the four Hogwarts houses, made magic potions and completed Hogwarts maths challenges. It was a magical day!

Natural History Museum

In September, year 4 went to the Natural History Museum.  The children had a great day and used their Geography skills to learn about how volcanoes and earthquakes are formed. They even got to feel what it would be like to be in an earthquake!

Year 4 also made models of volcanoes in their D & T lessons. They used materials such as card, newspaper, glue and paint to create their them. This supported their learning of physical geography as they could see the different parts of a volcano.