Learning in Year 4

Year 4

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Epping Forest Visit

Year 4 were lucky enough to explore real Anglo Saxon objects in their classroom during a visit from Epping Forest. Just like real archaeologists, the children were able to study a selection of objects and use them to make inferences about what life was like for the Anglo Saxons.

Thorgil the Viking

Year 4 had a visit from  Thorgil the Viking. He came in to speak to each class about his life and adventures as a Viking. He taught year 4 how to row a Viking long ship and even tried to buy some of the children to keep as slaves!

Kinder Kitchen

4O and 4G have been lucky enough to take part in a 6-week course on cooking and healthy eating. This half term children have had the opportunity to cook homemade chicken nuggets, salads, banana smoothies and even healthy apple and orange tango! The children are loving learning  cooking skills and tasting lots of new healthy foods.

3D Model Homes

Over the half term, year 4 were very busy constructing model houses. This was part of the Erasmus + program which the school is currently taking part in. Our year 4 children joined schools from all over the world in creating 3D models of their homes.


Hip Hop 

Year 4 learnt some Hip Hop dance moves. We found out that Hip Hop originated in New York. We learnt several different moves as a class such as the Running Man. Then we worked collaboratively, in small groups, to put a sequence together.