Learning in Year 3

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The Romans
The Year 3 children enjoyed a very special trip to St Albans Cathedral to learn all about the Romans and to excite them about our new History topic. The children’s culinary skills were put to the test to make delicious sweet figs and dates treats and honey cheese delights. We have some very impressive chefs in our year group. Watch out Jamie Oliver! They were invited to re-enact the story of St Alban where we saw some fantastic acting , they then had an opportunity to understand what an archaeology dig involves and why these digs are so important and finally, the children heard some facts about the life of a Roman Soldier and discovered just how heavy a Roman’s soldier armour is – very heavy!

Below are a selection of recounts of the day by children in 3ML:

Yesterday, I woke up early and packed my lunch. Then, I got changed, ate breakfast and played for a bit. Then I went to school.

In Class, everyone read while Mrs Mayall and Miss Socratics put the yellow wrist bands on us. After, Miss Rollason come in to our classroom and talked to Mrs Mayall. There was a call that the coach had arrived.

We all went on the coach. I was partners with Ela and Evie. Suddenly, in the middle of the bus ride Ela felt sick so I swapped places with her. Finally we arrived!. I gasped when we took one look inside. It was beautiful, huge and lastly magnificent.

My favourite part of the trip was when we made some recipes. There was bread with cheese and parsley and three more dishes. They all tasted amazing.

The last activity was a little play. I was a soldier with Guney. Ta’nae was a rich woman with her slave Beriwan. Tiana was the magistrate and her slave was Kiara. At the end, Emir and Shwar died.

Anna 3ML

Yesterday, I went on a trip with 3ML and 3CP. We went on the coach. One hour later, we arrived in the church. Then, a person slit us up. Then, we cooked Roman food. After, we dressed up and pretended to be slaves and Romans. Finally, we went on a coach. Lastly, we arrived back to school. It was an amazing day.

Adrijana  3ML

Yesterday we went to St Albans. When we entered the Church, we were amazed. It was a very big church, bigger than a T-Rex!

After, we entered we went down some stairs and hung our belongings. Next, we met four nice random ladies and they said they would do the activities with us.

My first activity was the blanket dig. After the blanket dig, we did another blanket dig and it took us a while.

Next, we made two types of Roman food. After the hard work of making Roman food, we ate our normal lunch and I did not like the Roman food. Next, we finished our lunch break and went and role-played a story about Alban. After role-playing, we got our belongings and went back to school.  

Adnan 3ML

Ancient Egypt

The children in Year 3 spent a few weeks at home researching, designing and creating wonderful things for their Ancient Egyptian project. They enjoyed presenting their projects to everyone in their class. Well done year 3! We heard some wonderful new facts and saw some incredible drawings, pyramids, sarcophaguses and mummies made out of materials that they had at home.


Ancient Egypt Workshop

Children had to investigate different replica artifacts which had been found in a pyramid and using the evidence try and deduce who the Tomb had been for.


Library Time

Year 3 have enjoyed exploring the library and looking at the new book titles.