Learning in Year 3

Year 3

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Ancient Egypt

This term, Year 3 had the opportunity to watch a production in school delivered by Freshwater Theatre Company. The show was about Ancient Egypt, linked to their Topic work. They thoroughly enjoyed the show and learnt more about the different things Ancient Egyptians believed in as well as their history and a bit about the River Nile. The children were also able to participate in the show themselves and left the hall with big smiles on their faces.

Chocolate Sleepover

On Friday 3rd March, 57 Year 3 pupils went home as usual but came back to school 2 hours later with their bags packed ready for an exciting evening at school with their teachers. Pupils did a variety of activities such as making their own Golden Tickets, painting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pictures, playing music with Mr Taylor and dancing in the hall with hula hoops. After dinner and chocolate cake, children were treated to hot chocolate as they settled in their sleeping bags to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before dozing off. It was definitely a night Year 3 will never forget!

Parent Reading

Every Friday, Year 3 parents are welcomed into classrooms in the morning to read with their children. It is great for parents to have the opportunity to listen to their children read in their classrooms and the children absolutely love it!

Cinema Trip

Year 3 visited the cinema, as part of the Film Festival, to see ‘Capture the Flag.’ The film linked nicely with their Progress in Writing stories that week where they had to write their own Space Adventures! The film was both enjoyable and also gave them lots of ideas for their stories!

Literacy – the chairs have quit!

Year 3 came into school one Monday morning to discover all their chairs have quit! Linked to their work on ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, Year 3 had to think about why their chairs had had enough and write letters as the chairs! The children really enjoyed this topic in Literacy and came up with some fantastic ideas.

Science – Forces and Magnets

3HB and 3Ha had fun exploring magnets in their Science lessons. In this lesson, the children made predictions in their groups about which materials would be magnetic and which would be non-magnetic.

Dance – Outer Space

Year 3 had fun exploring dance in their P.E. lessons with the theme of ‘Outer Space’. 3HB worked in groups to be different parts of the solar system.

Harriet Tubman Performance

Year 3 enjoyed a performance by Caboodle Art’s Company about Harriet Tubman’s life which was followed by workshops which the children really liked. They have been focusing on Harriet Tubman in Literacy and Topic lessons.

Topic Hook – Slavery Assembly

Year 3 were lead into an assembly where Mr Hegarty pretended to be their slave master and made the children his slaves. He got the children thinking about slavery and so it was a nice way to start of the topic of slavery with the children going back to their classrooms with many questions for their teachers.