Learning in Year 3


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In Literacy, we have been acting out prepositions. We were learning about how prepositions can be used to show place, time and cause. We used objects from the classroom and placed them around the room (and ourselves) and wrote our sentences using prepositions.


In maths we have been looking at using the concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to support our understanding. This term we have spent time securing our place value understanding and then have moved onto addition and subtraction, using the formal method to carry and exchange.


In P.E we have been doing gymnastics. Our first unit was on Travelling. We looked at different ways that we could travel using different parts of our body, different speeds and different directions.

Reading Time

In our reading time we have been exploring poetry by Roger McGough. We looked at his Bad Bad Cats book and acted out our favourite parts.


In science we have been investigating different push and pull forces. We spent time identifying the different types of force and demonstrating our own. We then planned and designed our own experiment to investigate the affect that different materials have on a force.

Talk Time

In Talk Time we read ‘My Many Coloured Days’ by Dr Seuss to explore how we can express our emotions using colours. We sorted colours by matching them to emotions and used these to voice our emotions.


In Topic lessons our History project was linked to Black History Month. We learned about the life of Harriet Tubman and how she not only escaped slavery but went on to rescue hundreds of other people from slave plantations all over the South of America.