Other Interventions

Adult Supported Reading is a programme devised by the school’s Reading Recovery teachers using a combination of activities from Inference Training, Reading Recovery and RWI.  The children work on the school’s existing Guided Reading book packs at a carefully selected level.  Sheets are created for each book studied whereby children can insert a sentence or paragraph into the existing text and where they can explore the main events of the story using a comic strip format.  The focus of the programme is to develop the children’s understanding of the texts that they have read and for them to begin to both ask and answer questions to develop their inference.

Small Group and 1:1 Literacy Support can be focused on helping children who find it difficult to cope with whole class literacy lessons or those that need a short boost to reach their potential.   It includes the use of highly targeted resources to develop handwriting, spelling and sentence structure to enable children to develop their reading and writing at an appropriate level.  These include RWI resources, writing frames and Clicker 6.  This support is linked to the literacy work carried out in the children’s classes.

LASS Groups are for early year’s pupils who have been identified as needing additional support for their communication, language and social skills and would benefit by attending two afternoon sessions every week for twenty-four weeks. These pupils have the opportunity to access a programme of structured, therapeutic play in a language rich environment, which is mirrored on the class curriculum, but with more intense communication activities and exercises to meet their individual needs.

Speech, Language and Social Communication interventions.  There are a number of small group interventions in Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2 to support children who need help to develop their expressive and receptive language and their social communication skills.

Support for Fine and Gross Motor Skills.  We have a range of interventions to support fine and gross motor skills at Wilbury, including; Write Dance and Tiger Teams.

Nurture Groups are seen as an important part of Wilbury’s intervention provision.  There are 3 Nurture groups within the school.

All interventions are reviewed termly and adjustments are made to provision in order to meet changing need.