International Links

Over the next three years, Wilbury will be taking part in an exciting international project called Erasmus +. We will be collaborating with five other European countries on the theme of ‘HOME’. We will be thinking about the places we live, people we live with, our surroundings, identity and sense of belonging. Our partner schools are based in Turkey, Italy, France, Hungary and Spain. Some of our staff members will get to visit these interesting countries and gain invaluable experience about teaching and learning in their settings. Wilbury pupils will also be communicating with children from these European countries through a shared online space, engaging with their European heritage. We would really like to engage the whole school community in the project so look out for ways to get involved!

What we have been doing for our Erasmus+ project about ‘HOME’ so far this year…

Logo Competition

We held a competition to design a logo for our Erasmus+ Project, H.O.M.E. There were many fantastic entries which we took to our first project meeting in Bordeaux, France. Everyone was very impressed with the standard and below is the winning logo!

erasmus logo

Christmas cards

We sent runners up from the Christmas card competition to our partner schools. They also shared Christmas cards with us, all the way from Turkey, Hungary, France, Spain and Italy.

Front Doors

We sent in photos of our front doors to display and compare with those of our partner schools. Here are a few examples:

front doors

Story Writing

Year 2 wrote the beginning of a story for children in our partner schools to finish! We will be illustrating the finished version.

Story Writing

Dream Houses

Year 1 have designed their very own dream houses and written about them too! They were displayed in an exhibition in Turkey.

Dream Houses

3D Houses

Year 4 have been thinking about places we live and have created models of Viking homes!


Our French partner school wrote ‘Pour Constuire une Maison’ (a song about building a house). Year 1 and 2 have been practising their singing and language skills, learning the song in French!

They have also learnt ‘Hello When We Greet You’, a song about how we welcome visitors into our home in the UK. Our partner schools have learnt the same song in their languages.

We will get to share these songs with children in our partner schools via video conference and when our partners visit in June.




Also, view our presentation about what we got up to on our visit to our Erasmus+ partners in Istanbul!

Click Here to look at the article about our Erasmus+ project, featured in the NLSIN Newsletter (No. 3, 2015) on page 6.

Video conference with France

1W took part in a video conference with children in our French partner school! They sang songs in both English and French, practicing both their singing and language skills!


Erasmus+ Visit

In June Wilbury hosted a meeting of all our Erasmus+ International Partners. Year 1 and 2 welcomed our visitors with a wonderful assembly led my Mrs Turnpenney. We sang songs in the languages of our partners, waved flags and heard a fantastic telling of the story we wrote jointly with Italy and Hungary, read by Mr Heggarty.



Reception and Nursery also welcomed our visitors with their fantastic version of The Tiger That Came to Tea, linked to our project theme of ‘home’ and the work they have been doing on welcoming guests into our homes.


Finally, we held an exhibition of the 3D homes which were created by children in all 6 of the partner countries. Year 6 served traditional cream teas and our visitors were treated to a few songs from the Wilbury Choir. Staff, parents and governors attended the event. It was a real celebration of our school community and gave our Erasmus+ partners a chance to experience a small slice of British culture!

Coming up…

Our Erasmus+ project, H.O.M.E, focuses on cities next year so look out for lots of activities all about London!


Ciboulette is our Erasmus+ Project mascot and is staying here with us at Wilbury until November when he will go to visit the Italian children in our partner school.

Ciboulette has been having lots of fun in Year 1, collecting food for Harvest and Gardening Day,

Ciboulette has been having lots of fun in Year 1, collecting food for Harvest and Gardening Day,

and even popping up in Year 1 Phonics! Can you spot Ciboulette in this photo?

London Transport

As part of our topic on Amazing America, Year 6 went to investigate the human geography of our city, London. We compared London transport to that of New York, a comparable major city in the USA. We travelled on many different modes of transport, including the Emirates cable cars!

We were photographers for the day, taking photos of London transport to use for the Erasmus+ project on cities.

As part of our Erasmus+ Project which focuses on cities this year, KS1 have sung some well known English songs about transport. These will be shared with our 5 partner countries who will share songs about transport in their own languages too. Well done KS1!




International Links

During the 2nd year of our Erasmus + project, some children took part in a game where we learned facts about our partner countries: France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Hungary. For example we learned some phrases, located the countries on a map and discovered key landmarks.





Here is 4G singing ‘Ode to Joy’ which is our European anthem. All the Erasmus+ partner countries will sing the song in their own language so we can hear how it is sung in different European languages.



Here is the video of all the Erasmus+ partner countries singing.