Learning in Year 2

year 2

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Year 2 Christmas Show

2H performed ‘Room on The Broom’ by Juila Donaldson.


This term in Maths lessons we have been learning to add, subtract and multiply and show how we have solved the problem.

For Addition we draw the Ten’s and One’s and then use these pictorial representations to help us find the answer.

For Multiplication we draw how many groups there are and how many are inside each group before counting in 2’s, 5’s or 10’s to find the answer.

For Subtraction we have be learning how to use an empty number line. First we partition the number we are taking away into Ten’s and One’s before jumping backwards on the number line to take away the ones first. We then jump back in Ten’s to find the solution.


Our Science topic this half term has been plants and growing. We have been increasing our scientific vocabulary and using this knowledge to sort plants in different ways. We also carried out an experiment to find out what plants must have in order to grow. We discovered if a plant is going to be healthy it needs sunshine and water.


Design & Technology

To support Black History Month we made dioramas of The British Hotel. This is where Mary Seacole cared for the soldiers hurt during the Crimean War by tending to their wounds and ensuring they had healthy food to eat.

Florence Nightingale

As part of our Autumn History Topic Florence Nightingale came to visit Year 2. She took us back in time and showed us what it was like to be soldiers in the Crimean War and the nurses who cared for them.