Learning in Year 2

year 2

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Kick into Reading

Professional storyteller, Tony Dallas, came to read with Year 2 children for two special ‘Kick into Reading’ sessions.

London’s Burning

London’s burning by year 2 investigating properties of materials.

World Book Day

Year 2 and Year 6 children enjoyed reading together on World Book Day 2017

Maths Challenge

On Monday 23rd January 2017 and Tuesday 24th January, eight children from Year 2 attended the Key Stage 1 Maths Workshop for able mathematicians at Eldon Primary School. The children took part in collaborative problem solving and reasoning activities. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Chess Club

Children in Year 2 have been attending Chess club. Chess is a complicated and tactical battle game that requires the children to use their problem solving and reasoning skills to capture the enemy king! Chess experts in Year 3 and 4 come along to help us too.

Mary Seacole 

Mary Seacole came to visit Year 2! We travelled back in time and learnt all about her life.

The Three Little Pigs

We read the story of The Three Little Pigs and decided to build our own houses using toothpicks and jelly tots. We planned our ideas with our partner first and then began making. Lots of our houses were strong enough to withstand the wolf’s blow!

Crimean hospitals

We worked collaboratively to design and make Crimean hospitals. Some children made the horrendous hospitals that Florence Nightingale found when she first arrived in Turkey. Others made hospitals to show how Florence Nightingale improved them

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale came to visit Year 2! We travelled back in time and pretended to be soldiers and nurses in the Crimean War. We had so much fun!

We worked collaboratively to sequence the events of Florence Nightingale’s life