Learning in Year 2

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Florence Nightingale

On Tuesday morning the Year 2 children enjoyed a visit from ‘Florence Nightingale.’ The children were transported back to the Victorian era where they learned how to greet each other as if they were Victorian boys and girls, bowing and curtsying to each other. Florence told the children about the illnesses that people suffered from during that time and how she wanted to help people. The children found out about the washing facilities and toilets of the day. Then Florence told them about travelling to Scutari in Turkey to help the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. The girls dressed as nurses and the boys as soldiers or doctors. The ‘nurses’ tended to the soldiers wounds by wrapping them in bandages. Florence told the children about her nickname ‘The Lady of the Lamp’ and she explained that she was called that because she carried a lantern around the hospital at night.

The children really enjoyed the visit. Here are some of their comments:

“ I liked being a nurse and helping the soldiers.”

“ I liked listening to Florence. She told us there were no bandages when the nurses got to Scutari so they had to rip up their petticoats and use them as bandages!”

“ I liked saying “Hello” like a Victorian boy.”

“ I liked being a soldier and pretending to be hurt.”

“ I liked being a soldier because the nurses helped me.”