Learning in Year 5

year 5

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Exploring Gravity

5B had fun using a range of sports equipment to explore the effects of gravity acting upon a moving object.

Fireworks Art

5S made their very own firework stencil out of straws and used glitter and paint to create a colourful fireworks explosion.

Year 5 Shakespeare: The Tempest

Brimming with enthusiasm, Year 5 have thrown themselves into exploring the magical world of The Tempest! They were fortunate to take part in a brilliant workshop, where together,  they actively retold the wondrous play. Not only this, the pupils got the chance to see the play in action at The Millfield Theatre performed by The Young Shakespeare Company and lucky Isabella received the role of ‘Good old Gonzalo’ and took to the stage with the actors. What a treat!


Learning The Clarinet

This term every child in Year 5 is being given the opportunity to learn the Clarinet. In these pictures we were playing the song ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ using the notes C, D and E.


Investigating Air Resistance

5F used spinners to investigate the effect of air resistance of different sized objects – Huseyin predicted that ‘even though the bigger spinner had a greater mass it would fall slower because air resistance would be greater too’.