Learning in Year 5

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KS2U Sports Day Results



As year 5 are learning about Judaism, Mrs Bairfelt kindly spoke to us about Passover (or Pesach). She told the children the story behind the festival and why Jewish people celebrate it. She also explained why Jewish families eat Seder together and what all the different foods on the plate symbolise. One of these is an unleavened flat bread called Matzo, that reminds people of the bread that the Jews made when they were fleeing Egypt. They left in such a hurry that it did not have time to rise. Afterwards we were lucky enough to try it.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Year 5 have been learning about Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in their Literacy lessons. We took part in a fantastic workshop, where the children had great fun acting out the play. We also got to go to Millfield Theatre, to see the play brought to life. Some children were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in this and got to get up on stage!

The Victorian Era

This term we are learning about the Victorian era, we began our topic with a Victorian afternoon. Firstly, we had to pay for our education and then spent time with each teacher learning about different aspects of Victorian schooling. We took part in drills in the school yard, made cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponges, and then had an etiquette lesson where we were taught how to sit, eat and drink correctly. Finally, we learnt a proverb to recite, used a chalkboard to practice our handwriting. Unfortunately some of us ended up wearing the Dunce’s hat.


We have been learning how to use our knowledge of forces to help us in real life situations by sending advice to a recovery team who are trying to transport a meteorite.

The recovery team needed to know which parachutes to use to parachute into the remote site where the meteorite landed. We used our knowledge of air resistance to build and test parachutes made from different materials and sizes. We videoed our recommendations.



We learnt about levers and pulleys so that we could advise the recovery team as to how they could use their equipment to lift the heavy load (meteorite) from its crater using a smaller effort (force).

The recovery team didn’t know which path to travel on so we used our knowledge of friction to help them.

Finally, we used our knowledge of water resistance to build and test different shaped boats so that we could tell the recovery team which boat to use to quickly transport the meteorite.

Restart Your Heart Day

On the 16th October our Year 5 children visited North Middlesex University Hospital to take part in European Restart a Heart day. All four classes completed CPR resuscitation sessions and learnt how their hands could save a life.

Some special guests joined us for the afternoon sessions- Under-23 Tottenham Hotspur players Kazaiah Sterling and Japhet Tangang.