Learning in Year 6

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A Year of Writing

Click the image below to read some of the excellent writing produced by our Year 6 writers this year.

Just So Stories

In Year 6 top set, the students were tasked with writing their own versions of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ stories and turning them into visual stories. They worked effectively in groups – dividing up jobs and sharing responsibilities. Here are a couple of the best:




Year 6 had an amazing time at their Leavers Disco. Face painting, sweets and lots of dancing!

KS2U Sports Day Results

Tolmers 2019

Year 6 had an amazing time at Tolmers this year! They participated in rock climbing, pedal-karting, high ropes, canoeing, rafting, sweeper, gladiators and orienteering! As well as toasting marshmallows around the camp fire! A great time was had by all!




World Book Day

Fantastic costumes from Year 6 this year. We had such a variety from a zombie, to Gangsta Granny, to Hermione and even the Gruffalo!

The children took part in “Drop Everything and Read” where they literally stopped what they were doing and picked their book up to read. They also had the pleasure of hosting a series of guests to read to them (Spider-Man, Wicked Witch of the West, Mary Poppins and Harry Potter!) A fun day to celebrate Reading and the joy it brings! Thank you to everyone that took part.

Churchill War Rooms

Year 6 enjoyed a trip to the Churchill War Rooms where they got to explore all the under ground rooms that Churchill and his cabinet fought World War 2 from. They also got to walk to Buckingham Palace and through Green Park. Some of us were lucky enough to catch the changing of the guard! Fun day had by all!

World War 2

To start off Year 6’s topic on World War 2, we were given a talk by an actual survivor of the Holocaust. Janine retold her harrowing experiences and how, through sheer determination, she was able to survive. The children not only learnt more about the war but learnt from Janine about tolerance and respect for all people irrespective of their religion, the colour of their skin or anything that might make them different to you.

End of Term Parties!

The children enjoyed their parties! After eating their delicious party food, they played a variety of games including musical statues and dance off competitions. Thanks to all children, parents and carers for donating food for the party! There was plenty to be had!

Active Learning

Year 6 love active learning- it even helps them to remember their times tables and related division facts.

Rewarding Achievement

For 6Z’s end of term treat (for earning 10 class merit certificates) they decorated and ate biscuits with icing, sprinkles and silver balls.

Greek Pots

As part of Year 6’s topic on Ancient Greece they made their own Ancient Greek pots. They studied the different types and shapes of the pots the Greeks made. They also looked closely at the different illustrations they drew on the pots and the reasons behind them. The children then designed their own pots and created them out of papier mache.

School Parliament

As part of our whole school parliament, the year 6 children wrote and delivered a speech to their class. The class then picked their top 4 to run for class MP. These four candidates then delivered their speech to their school family. During polling day, two MPs from each class were selected.

Human Body

Over half term, Year 6 were giving homework to make a project based on the human body. Lots of children made posters, PowerPoints and models.

What Did The Greeks Eat?

Year 6’s topic of Ancient Greece gave them the opportunity to act like real life archaeologists by digging through fossilised poo (corprolites) to discover what the Ancient Greeks ate. In their corprolites they discovered a range of seeds, beans, pips, sweetcorn and peas. (Real poo was not used!)

Year 6 then had a Greek Banquet where they got to try different food that the Ancient Greeks would have eaten such as: tzatziki, halloumi, feta, houmous, pitta bread, salad, yoghurt, dry dates and honey.