Learning in Year 6


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Science Project

Year 6 were set a Science project over the Christmas holidays to come up with a model or poster of some kind to explain a theory they had learned during our Evolution and Inheritance topic. Here are some pictures of a few of these!

Dogs Don’t Do Ballet!

Mrs Zenonos came to 6Z to share her favourite children’s book “Dogs don’t do ballet!” The children were well entertained and able to find a meaning behind the story: always persevere, even if people tell you that you can’t do something!

Letters of Complaint

During English, 6Z performed different scenarios to prepare themselves to write a letter of complaint. They focused on the complaint itself and started to use specific vocabulary that could be included in their letters. For example: refund, monetary compensation, appalling service.

Extinct Animals

6Z researched animals that are now extinct and created posters to record what we can learn from the fossils these animals left behind as well as how/why they became extinct. They then presented their findings to the class. They researched Sabre-Toothed tigers, Dodos, Irish Elks, Quaggas, Tasmania tiger and Tetradactylus.

Anti-Bullying Week

Year 5 and 6 watched a drama performance during Anti-Bullying week. They were encouraged to take part and learnt the importance of not rising to bullies. They were given strategies to help them if they were to be in a situation where bullying occurred


Year 6 studied Evolution in Science and they researched extinct animals. The children then wrote and performed poems based on their research. Enjoy this poem titled “The Dodo”.


Black History Month Poems

Here are two poems about Black History Month written and performed by two of our Year 6 children.




Democracy at Wilbury

The children who wanted to become a School Councillor went home and wrote a speech to explain why they felt they should be voted and what they thought they could bring to the role. They presented their speech to the class. We then took an anonymous vote. Rebeca and Sualtan were elected!