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Tibetan Prayer flags

The whole school have made Tibetan Prayer flags!

A prayer flag is a printed image on paper or cloth intended to be fixed wherever the wind blows. The flags often contain images of animals along with words of kindness. The main animal shown on a prayer flag is the Wind Horse (lung-ta). Traditionally, it’s thought lung-ta rides the wind and carries good wishes and prayers to the world.

There are five colours of prayer flags (blue, white, red, green and yellow) and they come in sets of five. The five colours represent the elements:

• blue symbolizes space;

• white symbolizes air;

• red symbolizes fire;

• green symbolizes water;

• yellow symbolizes earth.

Buddhists believe that the balance of these elements is very important in life.

Most of the children wrote prayers to their friends and families and displayed them in their classes for Lung-Ta to carry across the world. Some just wrote kind messages instead.

It was a collective of kindness that highlighted the love and care your children possess.