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Harvest and Garden Day 2023

The theme for our Harvest and Garden Day  was 'Being grateful'. Gratitude is the sign of noble souls; it shapes and inspires hope in the world around us. It was a time too to reflect and invest in our values of respect, responsibility, resilience and kindness.

Mrs. Campbell and I began the day by inviting all the children and staff to plant bulbs on the field. The children dedicated their bulb to someone or something they were grateful for.  Parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, teachers, pets, Mother Nature, God and even Spiderman were given mentions. In addition Mustafa, Phil and Steve dug out the Olympic emblem in preparation for next year - which the children then filled with hundreds of crocus bulbs. 

Our planting is so important: it beautifies our environment, sparks scientific discussion about growing and nature, and it is a lovely activity to do as a school community.  The anticipation of Spring has never been more enticing! There's no greater way of appreciating and showing gratitude to nature than planting.

During the afternoon we invited parents and carers to join us outside for our Harvest and Garden Day Assembly.  As R.E. lead Mrs. Busawon organised a joyous collaboration between staff and children. Mr. Roberts, our Music Lead,  led the children in rousing, celebratory  songs. Miss. Davies, our Art Lead, worked with children throughout the school to create pictures of fruit and vegetables to accompany some of the lyrics. We were then treated to readings from children in Year 4 and 6 who explained why the Harvest Festival is important to Christians as it reminds them of all the good things God gives them. We had recently reached out to the school community to donate tins and packets of food to a very special charitable organisation. This year we supported the Southgate Mosque Food Bank. On a weekly basis the food bank serves 90 households which is over 300 people. Everyone in the neighbourhood who may be struggling are warmly welcomed.  Also, children from Year 5 wrote poems about Harvest and the message of kindness it gives. They expressed themselves so eloquently that it prompted Mrs. Wise to remark on how very important oracy and pupil voice is within our school.

The event truly brought out the very best of our community. 

We learn so much about ourselves during Harvest. Tt's an inspiring celebration for our children to reflect on the hope and love they can give.

Gratitude is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us too.