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School Parliament Update

What has the School Parliament been up to?

The full document is added below.


Each Family have renamed themselves after a democratic vote with the family classes.

Family 1 is now also called ROSA PARKS

Family 2 is now also called WINDRUSH

Family 3 is now also called NELSON MANDELA

Family 4 is now also called THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS aka 'Team Green'

Spring Term

Each of the Families have been very busy gathering pupil voice from the rest of the school and planning events based upon this. So far in the spring term....

ROSA PARKS (Family 1) have been to each class, alongside the Online Leaders, to talk about online safety and give advice on how to keep yourself safe when online.

WINDRUSH (Family 2) have promoted and raised money for RED NOSE DAY. They managed to raise a brilliant 433 pounds!

NELSON MANDELA (Family 3) are busy planning some school disco's for Year 1 to 5 that will take place in the Summer Term.

THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS aka 'Team Green' (Family 4) are busy planning a Green day at school where everyone can wear green and there will be a litter pick competition!