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School Parliament

Wilbury’s School Parliament

A Wilbury we ensure children have a voice through the Wilbury School Parliament. Through the parliament children have an opportunity to have their ideas heard and see the power they have to make a change. They gain an understanding of the democratic process and in year 6 have the opportunity to stand as an MP to represent their peers.

Our Parliament is made up of four family groups, consisting of one school councillor from each class, years 1-5. The councillors are responsible for collecting the views and issues raised in their classes.

In year 6, instead of councillors, each class has two MPs (Members of Parliament) who lead their family council meetings, one per half term. They take minutes and chair the meeting, supported by a senior leader.

The MPs also meet with the Headteacher each half term. Here, the feedback from all of the family council meetings is considered, and together, the Headteacher and MPs make decisions about the school.

Why do we have a School Parliament at Wilbury?

We want:

  • All children to feel heard and pupil voice is strong within the school
  • Children to be aware of a democratic process and be prepared for life in modern Britain
  • Children to be happier because they feel they are listened to
  • Children to have a real impact on the daily life within the school and that of the wider community

Please look out for information on the website about the achievements of the School Parliament over the year!


Parliament Update 

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