Science Day


On the  6th of July, children in Year 5 and 6 participated in a Science day run by teachers from Highlands Secondary School. It took place in our new science lab and here is an account of the days activities:

Science day 2017- By Nandana: Year 6

Making rockets

Firstly we made rockets. We were asked to bring in bottles and if we didn’t have any bottles there were spares. We worked out that we were going to make the bottle rockets fly with air and water. We got into teams and had to design the rockets in 30 minutes with fins and a cone on the top. After 30 minutes of designing the rockets, we went outside to test them out and some went really far.

DNA Extracting

After making and testing the rockets, we extracted DNA from our cheeks. Firstly we gently started scraping the inside of our cheeks and our teeth, then we had a bit of energy drink and started gurgling the DNA with the energy drink for 30 seconds. Next we spat it out and transferred the DNA to a tube. After that we closed the tube and tilted it back and forth. We then set it aside for 3 minutes. Later we took the tube and a pipet and squeezed 2ml of ethanol (cold alcohol) in the tube, we let it sit for a bit more. Next DNA started to form and it was squeezed into a small container and we turned it into a necklace.

Chromium and CSI

For the first part of the afternoon we saw the difference between colours. We took 4 pens and put a dot on each number and mixed all of it. Then we took 4 writing markers and put all of it into sodium chloride. After half-an-hour we saw the colours starting to change.

For the second part we did CSI. This was a chance for us to learn how to lift our finger prints off a surface, in this case a glass jar. Next we took some Vaseline and rubbed our fingers together and pressed on the jar, then we had to tap a black powder over it. Then we put it to the test, there were 4 rooms, all with different types of DNA and we saw we couldn’t make out who the culprit was. Then we noticed it was a cross contamination which meant 2 people could be the culprits!

I learnt so much! Thank you to Highlands Secondary School for the best day!

10 July, 2017