School Celebration


On Thursday 13th July, we held our annual Celebration. Our theme this year was ‘We are Britain’. It was an opportunity to show-off our brilliant and diverse community by bringing children, staff and parents together. Mrs Turnpenney introduced the special event and welcomed our parents to procedings. Mr Taylor lead the whole school in a rousing verion of ‘Sunshine in my heart’ – which the children sang with great energy and enthusiasm! We were treated to a Maypole Dance from performers in 1H and 5B. They collaborated perfectly, putting a modern twist on something more traditional. Then, each class – from the Wilbury Twos to Year 6, paraded around the field displaying banners depicting what the children liked about living in Britain. The event was also a chance for the children to show pieces from Arts week (a celebration of British Artists). Miss Baldwin organised a special viewing gallery to enable everyone to see someof the beautiful work that was made. In addition, many children had crafted their own hats and flags to add to the party spirit. The penultimate event involved the whole school united on the field performing a traditional Britsh folk dance coordinated by Miss Lloyd Jones. The whole day ended with a picnic and an abundance of cake to share with all who attended.

To mark the occasion all children and staff were asked to paint a pebble to line the path of our secret garden. The designs were varied and vibrant and will be a lasting reminder of our summer and a fitting tribute to our continued community spirit.

What a glorious day!

20 July, 2017