Black History Month


To celebrate Black History Month we have been looking at how key people have influenced change in the struggle for equality.

In Year One we attended Martin Luther King’s influential rally in Washington DC and linked his speech to our school values to understand how one man’s determination led the way for change.

In Year Two we celebrated the perseverance of Mary Seacole by using our D+T skills to build diorama’s to honour her life that was dedicated to paving the way for change.

In Year Three we have been understanding slavery and the incredible journey taken by Harriet Tubman who led the way to freedom by safely guiding hundreds of slaves to the free states of North America. We used timelines to order the events of her amazing adventures chronologically.

In Year Four we used our geography skills to map the famous bus route taken by Rosa Parks as she led the way to equality. Her determination inspired Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech that still inspires change to this day.

In Year Five we were in awe of how a young girl led the way for adults and children alike. Ruby Bridges broke down racial barriers with her determination. We created newspapers to report on her amazing achievements. We also choreographed and performed dances to music by influential black musicians.

In Year Six we looked at performance poetry and how one poem in particular has empowered young people across the world by inspiring resilience. ‘Hey Black Child’ was performed by our Year Six children to relay the powerful message of just what you can achieve when you are prepared to try.

On Friday 13th October, we brought all of our amazing work together in Assemblies to share and celebrate with parents and other year groups the inspirational messages of these iconic people who paved the way for change.

Everyone across the school was keen to celebrate and share the powerful messages. Our fantastic dinner ladies even prepared an extra special meal for us to showcase the culinary delights of all the different cultures that make Wilbury amazing!


30 October, 2017