World Book Day 2018

The school was transformed into a sea of colour as children and staff from Nursery to Year 6 dressed up as their favourite book characters. As you walked around the school you were greeted by Harry Potters, Gangster Grannies, Alice in Wonderlands, Little Red Riding Hoods, Where’s Wally to name but a few.

The whole school got into the spirit of the day and members of our office team and Paul and Steve were among some of the special guest readers invited into classrooms to share a book with the children. KS2 classes teamed up with KS1 classes and shared a story together and Year 1 and 2 finished off their celebrations with a costume parade with prize winners chosen by our very own Queen of Hearts.

Our Early Years team performed the stories of Little Rabbit Foo Foo and We’re going on a bear hunt to the delight of the children and Year 1 were reading detectives for the day, piecing together the clues and discovering new stories. If you walked along the corridor a little further into Year 2 and you would be forgiven for thinking you had fallen through the rabbit hole along with Alice as Mad Hatter tea parties were taking place in every classroom.

Upstairs, Year 3 had a host of Paddington Bear inspired activities underway. 3M also thoroughly enjoyed working with 6F and they took part in an orienteering challenge. With their buddies, they used a map of the school to hunt for clues, once collected they had to rush back to class in order to piece them together to work which authors, quotes and blurbs matched which book!

Year 4 transformed into Hogwarts for the day and the children, many dressed as characters from the Harry Potter books made potions and tackled Hogwarts maths challenges. In Year 5, it was all about speed characters! 3 minutes to sit with and discover all you needed to know about a character before moving on. Once that was done, the children put their detective skills to good use and set off on a Where’s Wally Hunt around the school.

Finally, 6F loved taking part in the orienteering with their buddy class in Year 3 while 6B were busy writing their own newspaper and interviewing pupils and adults in the department to bring their articles to life. 6H, a class that enjoys a good joke created their own joke book and 6Z wrote and performed their own play scripts.

It was a fabulous day enjoyed by all that took part. Don’t forget to check out the Year group pages and spend your token before the 26th March.

15 March, 2018