Wilbury’s Easter Science Project


Well done to every child that submitted a project for our annual Easter Science Project. The quality and quantity of the projects this year was fantastic! The ideas were so imaginative and showed the depth of the children’s Science knowledge and skills. Congratulations to our winners:

Nursery:  1st Taliyah-Anne (Ladybird),  2nd Prince Harley (Ladybird), 3rd Gabriella (Butterfly)

Year 1:  1st Sheriah (1C),  2nd Oliver (1C), 3rd Priscilla-Rose (1S)

Year 2: 1st Jana (2H),  2nd Hadassah (2PH), 3rd Ella (2PH)

Year 3: 1st Hashir (3Mi),  2nd Dasean (3G), 3rd Jingwen (3G)

Year 4: 1st Hasan (4O),  2nd Sade (4B), 3rd Suhayl (4B)

Year 5: 1st Emilija (5B),  2nd Katilyn (5B), 3rd Rabia (5S)

Year 6: 1st Shaunee (6H),  2nd Isabella and Yara (6F), 3rd Kayhan (6F)

8 June, 2018