School Celebration

On Tuesday 10th July, we held our annual Celebration. Our theme this year was ‘Water’. It was an opportunity to highlight our charities – Water Aid and Noah’s Ark – and the important role they play in the wider world. Mrs Turnpenney introduced the special event and welcomed our parents to the proceedings. Mr Taylor lead the whole school in a rousing verion of ‘Lovely Summer’s Day’ – which the children sang with great energy and enthusiasm! We were then treated to a stunning performance from the Elite dance troupe in the middle of the field. They coordinated their moves beautifully and their talent shone on such a joyous day. Afterwards, all classes – from the Wilbury Twos to Year 6 – marched around the field for the ‘Noah’s Ark parade.’ Each class represented an animal through banners, crowns and masks. Our athletics track symbolised the sea, and the procession was the journey of the ark. In addition, 5F portrayed the dove – the universal emblem of peace – who guided us back to our places. The event was also a chance for the children to show pieces of work from Arts week, which was a celebration of water through different styles. The exhibition included the children’s water poetry too. Miss Baldwin organised a special viewing gallery to enable everyone to see some of the stunning work that was made. The penultimate event involved the whole school united on the field performing a piece of water-inspired creative dance. The whole day ended with a picnic and an abundance of cake to share with all who attended. It was a fantastic event that brought our wonderful community of children, parents and staff together.

13 July, 2018