Harvest Assembly and Garden Day

This years Harvest was the most bountiful we have ever seen at Wilbury! This was owing to the great support and generous donations from children, parents and staff. Two local organisations were able to reap the benefits of our collection this year: the Young People Services for Young Adults (aged 16- 24), and the Enfield Food Bank. Ms Hassan and Mrs Johnston delivered the many, many boxes and bags to a very appreciative community. The Upper Hall stage was almost covered and it represented the care and kindness we share within our school community.

To add to this, Mrs Campbell and Mrs Jones organised a special planting outside to celebrate our Garden Day. All the children were given a chance to plant and in the Spring we will all be able to see our bulbs flowering around the school grounds. We all contributed to make a golden ‘W’ of crocuses which will rise at the back of the Sports Field by next March.

Since our delivery, we have received four ‘Thank you’ cards from the Young People Services – each with such heartfelt messages. Their motto is ‘Aim high…achieve more!’ and they wanted to share this message with our children.

The North Enfield Foodbank will also give us a certificate to let us know how many meals can be made from our donations.

Well done everyone!

“We have so much food to share. Lots of people will be happy now.” – Year 1 School Councillor

11 October, 2018