Wilbury School Parliament

I am delighted to announce the results of the Wilbury School Parliament Elections which took place on Monday 12th November. On this day, the prospective School Councillors gave speeches to their class who then voted for their preferred candidate. A huge well done to all our elected School Councillors!

As you know, the Upper Hall was transformed into a polling station for the day so that the school could elect our Members of Parliament. The children from each class visited the hall with their polling cards and their details were checked against Wilbury’s Electoral Role by our very professional registrars, year 6 pupils – Intesaar, Kaylee, Francesco, Constantin, Mustafa, Dia, Din-Yan and Fisnik. The children were then presented with a ballot paper with the names of the four year 6 candidates from their family group. Each individual pupil cast their vote by marking a cross in the box next to the names of their two preferred candidates and then placed their ballot paper into the correct family ballot box. Going through this formal process gave the children a real insight into how the country votes in a General Election and the children really enjoyed the experience.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Shirin Chowdhury, one of our school governors, for being there to see the children place their votes for the very first time and for helping the whole process to run so smoothly.

Each class now has a School Councillor who is responsible for collecting the views and issues raised in the classes. In year 6, instead of School Councillors, each class has two elected MPs, who will lead their Family Council meetings (two per half term), taking minutes and chairing the meetings with the support of their Family Head.

The MPs will meet with the Headteacher every half term and feedback from the council meetings will be considered. Together, they will make decisions about the school.


I would like to extend huge congratulations to all our elected Councillors and MPs. All 16 MP candidates should be very proud of themselves; they gave some excellent speeches in our family assemblies and it was a very close-run race across all our family groups.

Finally, well done again to all the successful candidates and best of luck with the important task ahead of you; making the Wilbury community even better. You can make a difference!

Lisa Wise

Deputy Headteacher


Introducing our 2018 Members of Parliament

16 November, 2018