Channel 5 News at Wilbury

Jessie and Friends, a new series of animations aimed at teaching 4 – 7 year olds about online safety, was launched across the UK on the 13th March. The animations were created by ThinkUKnow, an education programme that is part of CEOP.

Children at Wilbury had been involved in the development of the animations so were asked to take part in the news coverage of the launch. Channel 5 News spent the morning filming in Green and Red Class. Members of the ThinkUKnow team delivered a short lesson using the new animations and some of the children were interviewed about their experiences of being online.

Here is the news report featuring the children from Wilbury:

The animations aim to teach children how to respond to some of the risks associated with being online and most importantly to talk to an adult they trust if they are worried or upset by anything.

Click here to visit the ThinkUKnow website were more information is available for parents and carers on how to keep children safe online.

After the filming was finished, the children from Red Class had a chance to interview the cameraman and found out about his adventures filming all sorts of wildlife with Steve Backshall for the show Deadly 60.




15 March, 2019