Learning in Reception

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Autumn Term

Reception Maths

As part of our maths learning, we have been working on developing the children’s sense of numbers. One way in which we help children develop this is by offering a range of representation of numbers, for example groups of objects, numbers on a clock, roman numerals, spots on a dice, dominoes, numicon. Recently we have been working on the children’s ‘sense of ten’. This is essential for understanding place value, and paves the way for mental calculation. The children explored different representations of 10 with their teachers, and then made these posters all by themselves – they have shown ’10’ in lots of different ways – can you find them all?

Sleepy Shepherd

Reception classes performed ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’, a nativity play  by Niki Davies. The children’s acting and singing was fantastic, and their parents loved it!

Reception Reading

In Reception we love to read! We read inside, and outside, on our own, with friends and with teachers. We learn about letter sounds every day in phonics, we practise fluency through shared reading, and we get really excited by books in our Power of Reading sessions. We have storytime every day, and we can read books in our reading areas inside and outside whenever we want to! We love sharing books with our parents at our Reading Together Sessions every week.

Golidlocks and the Three Bears

Reception classes have been reading ‘Golidlocks and the Three Bears’.

There was a break in at school!  The home corners were crime scenes! Porridge on the floor … a. broken chair  …  golden hair in the bed …  What had happened? The children investigated. They looked for clues.  Then they did lots of talking, drawing and writing …