Learning in the EYFS


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Autumn 2017 – ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’

In Nursery, we have been reading ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. The children love the book, and they know it really well now!



Autumn 2017 – Forest Learning

Nursery and Reception Classes are having fun learning in our ‘Forest’ area. The forest offers opportunities for outdoor learning in a natural environment. The children learn about team work, collaboration, problem solving and lots more, through a range of practical activities such as building shelters and dens, hunting for bugs and creating natural art work.

Autumn 2017  –  Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

Reception classes have been reading ‘Golidlocks and the Three Bears’.

There was a break in at school!  The home corners were crime scenes! Porridge on the floor … a. broken chair  …  golden hair in the bed …  What had happened? The children investigated. They looked for clues. They searched the forest. Then they did lots of talking, drawing and writing …