Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to The Early Years Foundation Stage at Wilbury!

Our Early Years Department currently offers:

Two 2 year old classes – part of Enfield’s ‘Terrific Twos’ programme. To apply:

A Three year old class – children are eligible to start the term after they turn three, in January or April, provided they have applied for our main Nursery. To apply:

Three Nursery Classes

Four Reception classes

We would love to show you around, please call the school office on 020 8837 5335  to arrange a visit.


At Wilbury, we offer high quality early education from two year old provision to Reception, following the Early Years Foundation Stage. We combine early years best practice – learning through play, enabling environments and teaching though interactions – with motivating adult guided activities and targeted phonics work. The balance shifts as children move through the year groups. Our provision is developmentally appropriate at each level, and expectations are stepped up at each stage, ensuring progress. We ‘baseline’ all children on entry to the Early Years (at TWOs, Threes, Nursery or Reception) and then track and monitor their progress carefully. Our aim is that children leave the EYFS emotionally and academically ready for Year one.

Running all the way through our early years is the principle of learning through play, the best and most meaningful way for young children to learn. We offer lots of open ended exploratory experiences and the structure of our day includes periods of uninterrupted play. The classrooms and outdoor areas in all year groups are organised so that children can access resources by themselves, make choices and extend their learning independently. This all leads to greater involvement and deeper learning.

We place a strong emphasis on the importance of outdoor learning throughout the provision. This has many benefits, including contributing to health and well being. Children are often more confident outside, and outdoor play offers great opportunities for active learning and exploration. We have a system of ‘free-flow’ whereby children can choose to play and learn inside or outside for a large part of the session.

Much of our teaching is through interactions. Adults observe the children closely, and join in (‘intervene’) sensitively with their play, to extend their language and thinking, and develop their skills. We support the ‘Characteristics of effective learning’, developing confident, resilient, independent learners throughout the early years. We encourage good attitudes to learning, like curiosity, and willingness to ‘have a go’, in everything we do.

All these aspects run through the early years at Wilbury, so that children become familiar and confident with this way of learning, and move seamlessly from one year group to the next. We place a greater emphasis on adult led learning as children move through the provision, for example, introducing letters and sounds in Nursery and moving on to targeted Read Write Inc phonics in Reception. If you would like to find out more, please contact the school to arrange a visit, or come to one of our Open Days. For information on our Open Days, please click here