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Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 page of the Wilbury Website. Below you will find information about what children in Year 1 will be learning through-out the year as well as some pictures and information about just some of our learning activities.

Click here to view the yearly overview of learning.

Click here to read the Summer Curriculum statement, which gives more details about what children are learning this term

Spring Term

Year 1 collectively celebrated Lunar New Year (- or Chinese New Year -) with a special assembly.

They sang a song in Cantonese called 'The Jasmine Flower' which warmly welcomed in our invited parents and carers. After hearing readings about the celebration from several children across Year1, Mr. Hegarty told the story of 'The Great Race'. It was about how long ago, in China, the Jade Emperor asked the animals to compete to swim across the river. The first 12 animals to finish would have a year named after them. The children joined in with lots of animal actions. In fifth place was the wise dragon which allowed us to look at the dragon puppets the children had made to decorate the Lower Hall. The children had been so busy in the weeks leading up to the assembly to ensure to make it a very special occasion. Learning about different cultures and festivities is so enriching for our children. It is an opportunity to rejoice our diversity and make connections with our similarities as a community. Our thanks goes to Mr. Roberts for teaching us our song and accompanying us on the day too.



Autumn Term

In Year 1 we have made a really positive start to the new school year. Some of our learning has included:


In pairs we counted out a given number from a large pot of cubes! Then we were challenged to find an amount of objects to count out from our classroom. We took it one step further by going outside and gathering a given amount from the Autumn leaves.


A special, mysterious parcel turned up in class today. We predicted what it could be. We thought it could have been an exciting game or a toy unicorn. When we opened it up it was a Naughty Bus! We were encouraged to ask questions about the bus using the poster we found inside the tin. We shared our experiences of bus travel, where we like to sit and where we have been. Then we looked at some pictures related to buses and wrote some words and sentences about them.


We sang ‘Heads, Knees and Toes’ to get us started, thinking about parts of the body. We drew around one of the children and, as a class, used labels with pictures to lay on the template. After that, we worked collaboratively in small groups to label a picture.   Then we worked in pairs asking questions to test out what we had learnt. We were using our identifying and observational skills as junior scientists!